Tuesday Tête-à-tête – 10 things I struggle with… can you relate?

Let’s throw this out here and see how many people feel the same. Life isn’t all sunshine and roses for most people, let’s face it.

Here’s 10 things I definitely need to work on –

1. Eating Properly

Skipping meals – tick; being too tired to cook anything – tick; having too many takeaways – tick; grabbing a packet of crisps or whatever I can get my hands on at the time because I’ve not eaten for ages and my stomach thinks my throat’s been cut – tick… and so on.

I like most foods – even the healthy ones. For some reason I just can’t find my groove and stick to a routine when it comes to food. I dread the daily office convo of “What’s for tea tonight then?” (yes tea, I’m northern); because the truth is, I rarely have a plan in place!

2. Keeping up with housework

I’ve made a dramatic improvement with this over the past few years. Many of my earlier blogs are about minimalism and how the principles of it have helped me tidy up my home and hoard less shit. The reality is, when I come home from work I am tired and don’t want to do chores, especially when the nights are dark.

The result, is spending weekends cleaning and doing all of the washing. This means that I don’t get to do all the fun stuff that most people do at the weekend – everyone else does do fun stuff don’t they?

3. Sleeping

Late nights, naps, weekend lie-ins, watching YouTube until all hours… need I say more?

4. Getting up on a morning

Following on from number three… I’m a multiple alarm wanker. I don’t know how my husband copes with over an hour’s worth of alarms going off before I get up.

How I wish I could just dive out of bed and have a productive morning before I head off to work.

5. Relaxing

Even when I look like I’m relaxing, I’m not. A nice hot bath, an evening in front of the telly, an early night with a book… it makes no difference to me. My brain is still switched on at full pelt and my shoulders are knotted as hell.

I just can’t relax. Even on holiday, it can take me nearly a week for my brain to click that it’s actually okay for me to calm down and take a second to chill.

6. Liking what I see in the mirror

As someone who was brainwashed in the 90’s to think we should all be straight up and down, very slim and have dead straight hair. I’m none of these things and I’m sure it will take a while to reverse the attitude I have of myself.

The whole body positivity thing is on the rise and I say about fucking time. This is the real world not Vogue.

7. Keeping in touch

Time flies when you’re having fun, time also flies when you’re working 5 days a week and spending all of your other time trying to keep a house, drink enough water, exercise enough, plough through Netflix to keep up with your colleagues chat, do well at work, impress on social media….. blah blah blah.

I’m guilty of letting friendships drift in the past, but they are too! I can be great at keeping in touch through the world of this 6 inch screen, but I admit I’m a shocker at actually spending time with people in the flesh. Friends and family included. I must try harder.

8. Socialising… in large numbers

I guess I’m a bit of an introvert, probably one of the reasons for number seven. It takes a massive effort for me to show up at a party. If I do attend I think people should appreciate what I’ve gone through to get myself there, ha!!

I prefer a night in to a night out, that’s for sure. I love spending time with close friends – the ones that get me, but strangers and people in numbers just freak me out. And that’s the truth of it.

9. Asking for help

I hate to feel like a failure, and I hate to feel like a burden on people. So I basically just try to take on the world by myself.

10. Not feeling guilty for this list of things

When I read through this list it makes me feel ridiculous and bad about myself in a way. I need to drop the guilt because…

a. Why can’t I just get a grip and sort the things out?
b. If I don’t sort the things out, what’s the worst that’s going to happen, like really?

Let’s be real here, this is just a list of ten silly things that aren’t really that important in the big wide world. I’ve been the same for years and nothing has ever come of any of it!!

No one is perfect. 🖤

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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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