Rid Stuff, Save Money – some ways to save.


Hopefully we’re well on our way to getting a grip on our finances, or we’re feeling a little bit more in control. Or at the very least we have a pretty file with all our financial paperwork in it?

This is the third and final part of my mini-series all about MONEY.

bank banking black and white budget

You know how it is once you break into a twenty (if you even carry cash these days!), before you know it there’s only a quid left in your purse and you haven’t a clue what you spent it on.

Even better than preventing that, maybe we could even save some money. It could be used to buy something useful or even put away for a rainy day.

Here’s some ways that could help:

Fill your face for less

grayscale photography women eating hotdog outdoors

The biggest cost for so many people I talk to, is food!

We’re paying for convenience when really we could just make a bit more effort and save so much money in this area.


  • Pick a cheaper supermarket
  • Brand down a level – if you buy premium try supermarket own, if you buy supermarket own try their value range
  • Online shop – you can make a list and stick to it, it’s much less tempting as you’re not seeing all the delicious food on the aisles
  • Batch cook – this saves tonnes of money, plus you can fill your freezer with healthy, homemade ready meals
  • Use up left overs
  • Stock up on your usual’s when they are on offer
  • Delete fast food apps

Posh coffee

top view photo of ceramic mugs filled with coffees

Waste of money, big money. Make your own or go without.

Flasks and Travel mugs can soon sort this problem, there’s some gorgeous ones out there these days. You’ll save money, look great and help the environment, win-win.

Don’t waste money on tech

Do you really need the latest phone to look at Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp your mates? Didn’t think so.

Getting the latest phone might make you feel happy for half an hour after you’ve taken it out of its shiny box, but the reality is, that soon wears off. Then you’re left paying a small fortune every month for something you’re not really bothered about, and it probably has a cracked screen anyway.

You don’t have to have a brick like a Nokia 3210, but if you just run a couple of models down you will still have a decent phone, but save loads of cash.

Nights in instead of out

My preferred option anyway, but if it’s not yours you can still make the most of a night in. Gather your friends round and think of something a bit out of the box that you can do to entertain yourselves.

  • Games night
  • Film night
  • Pamper night
  • PJ Party
  • Come Dine With Me

Comparison & Cashback sites

Keep on top of your insurances and utility bills to make sure you are getting the best deals. Shop around online for the best prices before you commit to a purchase. Look into cashback sites to see what you can get before you buy anything online. Quidco and Top Cash Back are a couple of good ones.

Auto round up savings

A modern day copper jar. You can now get apps and bank accounts that automatically round up your card payments to the nearest pound. The small change is then moved into a savings account for you.

Simplify your wardrobe

gray sweater and black framed sunglasses outfitWhen you need to replace things consider non-branded simple clothing of good quality.

This way you can mix and match to create a capsule wardrobe that will looks stylish as hell but save you money in the long run.

Sell online

Auction or Selling sites can bring you some money in for items you no longer need if you’re having a clear out.

Learn to say NO!

If you can’t afford that night out, say no. If your child is screaming in the store for something unnecessary, stand your ground. If you’re drawn in by clever marketing or product placement… Remember what you are trying to do here and say NO.

Bollocks to the Joneses

Care less about what others have or are doing. Be yourself and you won’t ever feel the need to spend money on pointless crap to impress anyone but yourself.

Cancel gym memberships and other extortionate subscriptions

If you’re serious about saving some cash this is an easy way to do it. Exercise outside, watch things and listen to music in other free ways such as YouTube. It might not be as convenient or easy… But it’s soooo much cheaper.

Some of these ideas are honestly so easy, it’s just a case of biting the bullet and giving up some of your first world privileges. Generations before survived without half of this crap and I’m sure they’d say they were happier times. Food for thought, cheaper food for thought.

Rid Stuff, Reap Savings.



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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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