Tuesday Tête-à-tête – The power of Social Media…

Tuesday Tête-à-tête – The power of Social Media…


…to make you feel like shit.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A little hypocritical that I am posting this across Social Media? Hear me out.

Social Media is a powerful tool, clearly. We even call some of the most successful people on it – ‘Influencers’. That’s the thing, without even realising we can be influenced by what we see and hear. It’s not rocket science, advertising has been around like this for a bazillion years.

The clever thing about Social Media, is that we can be ‘influenced’ without even knowing it is happening. It’s not as obvious as a TV or Radio advert with a catchy jingle.

We can scroll for hours at a time, gawping at the fantastic lifestyles people are displaying, or *cough, cough* – ramming down our throats.

How we wish we could look like that; dress like that; do our eyeliner like that; have a house like that; go on holidays like that; party like that; make money like that…. and so on and so on.

woman holding phone with camera lens while pointing it to the sky

No wonder we sometimes feel like shit about ourselves and our lives.

Most of us are sat scrolling through this from the confines of our sofa, maybe with the odd gravy stain on our top. We’re not living it up, we’re thinking about what time we should go to bed so we can get up for work at a reasonable time… nothing glamorous about that. But remember it’s nothing to be ashamed of either!

There is another way though. Believe it or not, WE are the ones in control of what we see on OUR Social Media, so claim it back.

I got a grip of mine last year and it has been fucking incredible! It’s actually nice to look at Instagram these days. And it was easy.

As tempting as it became to isolate myself from Social Media completely; literally all I had to do was mute or unfollow all of the accounts that made me feel inadequate, or were bringing me down. The kind that sell slimming drinks and cosmetic surgery in Turkey… you might know what I’m talking about here?

Instead I went on a hunt for accounts that make me feel good, some of these can still be classed as ‘Influencers’ , but they are all about positivity and feeling good about yourself, and it is empowering… it really is.

Now when I look on MY Social Media, I am lifted, made to feel great, adequate, more than adequate… I see clothes I could really wear, that would actually fit; holidays I can afford; makeup I could do that hasn’t been airbrushed within an inch of its life. I see real people, real accounts, real friends and positivity every-damn-where.

If you feel the same as I did, why not try it for yourself?

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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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