Pictures of paradise… Social media madness.

I’ve been quiet. I’m finally on holiday and I’ve been waiting 18 long months for this snippet of paradise.

It’s 5 am here in the Dominican Republic and I’m wide awake because I haven’t managed to get my body clock out of UK time!

Usually travel can be quite stressful for us and I’ve written a previous post about travel anxiety, if you’re interested in that. But this trip out went okay and I’m already feeling relaxed. Bonus.

I’m relaxed enough to write this little post about toxic feelings caused by social media. I think we probably all can agree that social media can take its toll on us at some point.

Here I’m as happy as a pig in shit, on my holiday checking in to exciting places and posting holiday snaps into an allocated Facebook album for my friends and family to see what we’re up to.

Well it turns out some ‘friends’ don’t appreciate that. By friends, I mean the kind that are just on your social media, never interact but just like to be nosy. I won’t go into what they posted indirectly…. But it had a taste more bitter than Dominican Republic chocolate!

Anyway, for a split second I was mortified. I was upset that people thought my holiday photos were to make people jealous, I was upset that my choice of destination was being slagged off, and so on.

Then I remembered the reason I signed up for Facebook and social media…. to see and share fun things that my friends and I were getting up to. I don’t want to scroll endlessly through business pages and memes… I do like memes though. Primarily I want to see my friends holiday snaps and other fun activities, but how times have changed!

To get to the point.. I won’t be stopping sharing my holiday photos. Instead I’ve put the restricted list and mute button to good work!!!

Time for me to get the camera out so I can post today’s antics!


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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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