I don’t want to take the shine off it, but…

There is a new craze and I am totally sucked in to it.person washing his hand

Hinching! – Cleaning the Mrs Hinch way. If you know, you know. However, if you don’t know yet, I am certain it won’t be long before you find out all about it!
Mrs Hinch is an Instagram sensation, she’s bloody good at it too. Her Instagram stories are brilliant – I’ve literally spent hours watching them, it’s almost addictive. Her home is immaculate and beautiful. She’s funny and she shares some great advice.
She has a gigantic fan-base, The Hinch Army – their posts are really inspiring, a cleaning community that shares it’s tips, tricks, photos and success stories.


Anything that makes me want to clean is useful and when I came across Hinching a couple of days ago, it did just that. I have trampled the aisles of numerous stores searching for her suggested products, Minkeh, Pinkeh, Vera and so on. When I’ve come home I’ve been scrubbing my house to within an inch of it’s life.
Two days on and I’m starting to have some niggling thoughts. I need to iron out some of the kinks that I am personally feeling in the Hinching process. I need to tailor it to suit me… and so I’ll begin.
Motivation – watching hours upon hours of cleaning videos is detrimental to the cause! I need to spend these hours actually cleaning. That’s something for me to work on obviously, only I can change this.
Hoarding – as someone who is trying to minimalize the amount of things I own, being encouraged to buy mountains of cleaning products and gadgets isn’t necessarily a good thing. I need to show restraint and only buy what I need. I don’t have the space to stash away bottles upon bottles of Zoflora!
Over Spending – See above. As well as the storage issue there are the financial implications of unnecessary collections of cleaning solutions. I spend to a budget every month and I’m not willing to sacrifice my savings goals, for a mop.
Being Wasteful – I can’t bring myself to pour gallons of cleaning products down the drains each day. A slight over exaggeration, but I’m sure you get my point. I’m also not willing to clean things that are already clean just for pleasure(?!), it’s a waste of time and money.
Environment – I have to think about the impact to the environment. We’ve all seen the news about plastic waste and most cleaning products are stored in plastic containers. Hopefully with the media coverage plastic is getting it will start to be recycled properly, or packaging will change.
Chemicals from the cleaning products also enter the environment through the water system. They can be damaging to aquatic life, can enter the food chain and could even end up being eaten by us!
Pets – Cleaning products can be harmful to pets, there are reports of burns to paws and cats foaming at the mouth from licking floors cleaned with disinfectant. As a dog owner, I need to be mindful about what I am using.
Health – As with most things in life these days, cleaning can apparently impact on our health. Studies have shown that breathing in cleaning products can be as harmful to our lung health as smoking. There are also the more obvious issues such as skin conditions. I’ve also seen reports that regular contact with cleaning products can cause cancer. We need to be wearing gloves!
I am in no way going to stop ‘Hinching’ and I don’t for one minute suggest anyone else should either; instead I am going to try and tweak the system a little.
I already use some Method cleaning products. If an ingredient isn’t safe, they don’t use it. The packaging is all made from recycled products, and can be recycled. I am going to look into other environmentally friendly companies too, to see what products I might be able to switch to.
Some of these products can be more expensive I will use them sparingly to combat being wasteful!
The rest of it is down to me – don’t hoard or collect; don’t sit on my arse watching Insta stories instead of vacuuming; don’t over spend; wear gloves.

Happy Days! – Happy Hinching!

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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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