Blame it on the dog! Dogs in the home & how not to lose your sh…

Search the internet for information on dogs and stress and you’ll find a knowledge fountain of ideas on how to help your stressed out pooch. How about the stressed out owner?! I couldn’t find anything about that, so I thought I’d put together how I try my best to rid some of the stresses of dog ownership.
Obviously I love my dogs, they are my fur-babies after all… At the same time they can be capable of driving me up the wall. It’s not really the dogs it’s more about the mess they create and the peace they shatter! 20180928_1904396979460261548561809.jpg

I own two hyperactive Border Collies, Beau & Bear. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Controversially, I’m not afraid to admit that they are often a pain in the arse. I have threatened many a time that they can go live on the farm! I never mean it though, and they know it. How can anyone resist their butter wouldn’t melt faces?


Dog ownership can be challenging when I am trying my hardest to get my life together and clear out my home, in the hope of one day living in peace and serenity. They shed A LOT of hair. On the flip side of that, dog ownership is great when it comes to me ridding a few pounds – the walking really does help with that!

Here’s the best I could come up with in the form of tips on how I try not to lose my shit whilst owning two dogs…..

Boundaries – I don’t let my dogs upstairs. I’ve heard it all before, my home is their home, blah blah blah. I get it, but upstairs has carpet, downstairs is all washable hard flooring, purposely for my dogs. They have plenty of room downstairs, they have luxurious pet beds to choose from. They are happy with this scenario and it doesn’t cause them any upset.

Storage – My spoiled brat dogs have their own toy-box jammed full. You should see how excited they get when they open it for play time! It just really helps me when I need to clean my floor or people come round. I can throw all the dog toys in there, it takes about two seconds and saves anyone going arse-over-tit on a rogue tennis ball.

I have a second ‘dog-box’ where I keep all other doggy related items in once place, or should. This is where I have their leads, poo bags, old towels, flea & worm treatments and all that jazz.

Lint Rollers – Self explanatory. These are my best friend. I can’t really leave the house without having to roll myself down first.

Throws – On every surface… well mainly just the sofas. To keep the hair problem and the doggy smells at bay. I just chuck them in the wash once a week.

Brush & Scissors – I keep these permanently near-by where we sit in the evening so that I can regularly brush the dogs and cut out any matted fur. I have to keep on top of this as the hair shedding is the main thing that drives me to occasional tears!

Schedules – Vet appointments, flea treatments, worming treatments and doggy walk dates are all scheduled in my phone calendar. This is the only way I can remember when their treatments are due.

Food & Water – All bowls can go in the dishwasher. I have a bath mat under the water bowl… as Bear seems to like to carry his water about a bit before he actually swallows it!

Dyson – Dyson is the only vacuum cleaner I have owned (I’ve had many, it’s a bit of a weird addiction) that copes with the pet hair. The tools are great and the stair tool is the best for the hair that gets trailed upstairs from our socks.

I think I could keep going with this forever! Even trying to keep up with all of the above I still have my struggles, It’s all worth it when I get to see their faces and have those loving eyes gaze at me whilst we cuddle up on the sofa. I’d honestly love to hear of any tips or tricks that you have on this subject. We really are a nation of animal lovers.


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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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