Little by Little

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I have decided to do a mini blog every now and again, sometimes things just come to me and I thought it would be nice to put them into writing rather than just letting them pass in the moment.

When did life get so complicated? When did we all have so much going on that our brains can’t keep up and we rely on a 4 inch screen to keep our lives in order? Take a step back, it’s okay to say no to things sometimes.

Rid It – Little by Little

3 things to get rid of right now:

  • Manuals – you know, for things like your TV, microwave and such. These can all be found online
  • Old Cables – the ones lying all around the house that you’re not even sure what they belong to. These can go… if you don’t know what they belong to, they haven’t served any purpose in a long time
  • Used Magazines & Newspapers – if you have these lying around because you think you ‘might’ refer back to an article or recipe at some point, it’s very likely you never will. Recycle them

It feels so much better to have less stuff. I’m still new to this and the feeling I get when I declutter something surprises me each time, it’s so refreshing! I am hoping I can show you a little clear out of my clothes in the next blog. I also want to touch more on the money side of things, how I have simplified this and what the rewards have been so far. Hopefully my next post will be this weekend…

This is so dreamy!


Rid it & Reap View All →

No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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