Rid It And Reap, what is it all about?

hpMy blog name was chosen based on how I feel from just the tiny amount of decluttering I have completed so far. I genuinely feel like the weight of what I have got rid of has been lifted from my shoulders, I know that’s cliché. I am reaping happiness from not seeing clutter everywhere I look. I’m also reaping time – First is the physical time I save, it’s so much quicker to clean the spaces I have cleared out. Second is the time I would spend thinking about things I needed to do, how could I make my home look presentable if anyone stopped by unexpectedly (hide it all), where to keep stuff and things like that.

Rid It And Reap also comes into the money side of it too. I plan to go into more detail on my new budgeting techniques in the future but for now all I will say is – by having a firm plan in place I am now able to save ahead for things I want to buy or for future plans. There is a clear path for getting rid of any credit, I reap the rewards in the sense that there is less worry and I am saving more… I am ridding and reaping simultaneously when it comes to money and it feels fantastic.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying – Marie Kondo


This book is part of how this all began, it’s an absolute game changer! I know I’m late to the party with it, after all it has already sold over 3 million copies, but whatever….

I’ll keep this bit brief as I highly recommend you read this book yourself. The gist of it is that you declutter your belongings in categories rather than working room by room. Once all of the items belonging to the category are in one place, you then choose the things you want to keep rather than choosing what to get rid of. You make the decision based on if the item sparks joy. I personally didn’t take this literally in all cases – I mean my frying pan doesn’t spark joy in my heart but the pancakes I can make in it would, so that’s a good enough reason for me! After you have gone through each item you then put the things that you kept away, this should be easier now that you are likely to own about half of what you originally started with. This way of tidying is called the KonMari method.

If you read my first instalment you may remember I mentioned a clear out of my make-up. I am true to my word and wanted to share with you how I got on. This is the second time I have used the KonMari method to declutter my make-up so there wasn’t too much to go through, in a way this makes it harder as I have already got rid of loads and the things I had left were the things I originally felt I wanted to keep.

Here goes…

makeup before and after
Before, Purged, After

I am over the moon with the finished result and it really didn’t even take long!

This Week’s Purge vs Splurge

Out the of door

  • 2 blushers
  • 6 eyeliners
  • 1 mascara
  • 1 eyeshadow palette
  • 1 eyelash curler
  • 2 cosmetic glues
  • 2 foundations
  • 4 lipsticks/gloss
  • 1 make-up mirror
  • 1 eyebrow pencil

Lovingly into my life

I am justifying this week’s splurge items by the fact that I am going to Disneyland Paris next month (woooooohooooo), hence the Disney Tees and I needed new clothes.

Clothes are something I still need to work on when it comes to decluttering and I don’t really know ‘my style’… this means I am not comfortable in saving up for more expensive quality items just yet. I worry I’d feel they didn’t suit me a week down the line and never wear them again. I do try to stay mindful of what I am buying though, which means I am a nightmare to shop with – just ask my Mum. I very much get in to my head exactly what I want and then it’s simple,  I either don’t stop until I find it or I leave empty handed until another time.

I might do a little wardrobe purge next week, then I can share with you some pictures and show you my new stuff too.

The week has felt very productive so this little blogging hobby has kept me motivated. Long may it continue!


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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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