Something clicked, but this time it wasn’t my mouse making yet another online purchase…

I need to MAKE-UP my mind what to keep

Here I am writing my first ever blog post, wondering how it all works and what might happen next.

I am compelled to write because I’m almost certain that others are going through a similar experience to the topic I have chosen. I was led to that assumption by a Facebook page I set up back in the day, its title was ‘When I have money there’s nothing to buy, when I don’t there’s EVERYTHING!’  – the page went viral based on that title alone.

Fed up of never having any money and feeling like I was drowning in my own possessions. I have literally ‘spent’ years shopping,  accumulating a mass of belongings –  many of which are filled with regret after their only benefit being that five minute buzz at the checkout!

Something clicked, but this time it wasn’t my mouse making yet another online purchase. I realised that the thrill of buying, what I now can only describe as stuff, was massively outweighed by how I felt afterwards. I would sit surrounded by things that had no place in my home, by this I mean I literally had nowhere to put the items I was buying. For me, a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind and I could never relax in my own home. Second to the issue of my untidy home came untidy finances, hand in hand together these issues were causing me great stress and probably a few sleepless nights. I would constantly try to declutter and tidy and I’ve also tried many times to save money. I never seemed to get anywhere with either, most likely because there was a constant stream of online shopping parcels entering my home after silly spending.

I only saw the light on all of this a few months ago, and after years of splurging and purging I am hoping this realisation means that I now know what I need to do to break the cycle. I thought that by writing about this journey it might help to keep me on track, and if this helps others at any point along the way, that’s even better!

To give an idea of what I will most likely be writing about, my plan is…

  • Clear out – I’m on a massive decluttering mission, I have started this part already and I’m excited to continue it
  • Budgeting finances – I began this a couple of months ago and it’s work in progress, it’s going quite well but it’s a shame I can’t stick to a budget when it comes to calories
  • Saving up – something that has always been a struggle
  • Aims/Aspirations – what I’d like my home to look like & things I want to save up for
  • Quality over Quantity – now for the fun part… clearly I love shopping & I’m no minimalist (yet!!). I still want to buy things, from now on I want to save up for good quality items but own less overall

Basically I need to simplify things (hence the logo for this blog right now) and reduce the amount of stuff I own. I need to take control of my finances, pay off any debts and going forward I need to save up for things I want then buy quality items that will last. This all sounds so easy on paper.

I’m sure other topics will crop up along the way. Thank you to anyone out there that finds time to read this, it would be amazing to hear from you and I’d love it so much if you have any tips or ideas you want to share. On I go with it all… I think this weeks job will be clearing out more of my make-up, wish me luck!


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No one ever truly feels like they have everything under control… do they?

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